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Wednesday 7.00pm

This class is more of a fitness boxing class, than a traditional boxing class.  Your heart rate will go up by using some basic punching techniques and sequences.

6 week block of fun for $85

Bookings essential, so don't miss out.  Send Amanda an email with any questions, or to register for this hour of power.

Thursdays 7.00pm

This class is a traditional style bootcamp. but with an "Andy" twist! (If you don't know Andy, he has a whole bunch of quirky ways to get you moving in his bag of tricks).  Expect Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Slam Balls and Core Bags.

6 week block of fun for $85

Bookings essential, so don't miss out.  Send Amanda an email with any questions, or to register for this hour of power.


Clinical Pilates


Sports & Remedial Massage

With Sumi

Clinical Pilates differs from traditional Pilates in the sense that it brings movement right back to the basics and focuses on lumbo pelvic control and stability to ensure you are moving safely while maintaining core muscle activation. In Clinical Pilates traditional Pilates exercises are modified to allow for this and as the student progresses the modifications adapt to increase the challenge. The goal is to reach a point where high level Pilates exercises can be done with precision and control while maintaining lumbo pelvic stability. Clinical Pilates is beneficial for everyone though particularly for those who have chronic or acute spine and/or pelvis pathology. These classes are suitable for all ages, body types and levels of fitness.

Classes are held on Tuesdays at 6:15pm

Booking is erssential as numbers are limited to 10 participants.

$180 for 10 classes to be used within 12 weeks of purchase.

Sumi is available for Sports & Remedial Massage at Blackheath Fitness. Massage can help with (yet is not limited to): Muscle tension, soft tissue injuries, joint pain, joint mobility and flexibility, back pain, headaches, anxiety and stress, depression, circulation, chronic pain, constipation, high blood pressure.  

For more information on Clinical Pilates and for Sports & Remedial Massage rates with Sumi

Click Here


To get in touch with Sumi telephone 0404229549

or email

Sumi Headshot.jpg

Tai Chi / Qigong

with Virginia

Wednesdays 10.30 - 11.30am

Virginia uses Tai Chi and Qigong exercises to get people in tune with their body - creating strength, stability, balance and mindful movement.

Virginia works with the seasons to keep the body healthy and vital, regardless of the weather.

The classes run as a 8 week block for you to feel the difference that consistent movement can make.


8 weeks -$100 (concession $80)

Casual - $15 (concession $12)


Virginia Field.jpg
with Myra
Fortnightly Saturdays
Starts 1st Feb 2020

4 - 4.30pm - Functional Movement


4.30 - 5.00pm - Strength Training      


These short 'n sweet classes are for all levels. 

When starting out on your fitness journey, 30 minutes is a great timeframe to get you moving in a manageable way.  Or if you are already on the move, 30mins is a perfect time to go that little bit harder and challenge yourself.


Either way, Myra has you covered.


Contact Myra to book your spot or ask any questions

Enquire about the date for this next fabulous workshop with
Jeff Miller BA(Hons) PhD(Psychology)

Jeff is a highly experienced instructor studying with a number of modern-day gurus. He is a certified Lotus Flow™ and Jivamukti Yoga™ Instructor and is highly-regarded for his creative and thoughtful approach to yoga and his ability to make the ancient teachings relevant to a wide range of people living in the modern western world.   Jeff, a doctor of psychology, creates a practice that is personal, heartfelt, uplifting and spiritually supportive.  While running a successful yoga studio and Yoga Teacher Training program in Sydney, Jeff is a Blue Mountains local and is passionate about sharing the benefits of the practices that have served him so well.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

SATURDAYS 9.00 - 10.00am       


join Veronika in this beautiful Vinyasa Flow class to start your weekend off with the best intentions.

Veronika is a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor. In her classes she uses her warmth and caring nature to guide students to find a balance between the physicality of a flowing dynamic practice and slowing down, going within and having a nurturing time for themselves.

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